What we learned from 100,000 game bugs reported?

25 October 2019

Game testing sounds like a dream job, doesn't it? We decided to talk to those who have dedicated their lives to game testing - our QA engineers. 

We talked about the place of testing in the game development process, peculiarities of testing games of different genres, challenges with testing on mobile devices and a lot more.  

Questions discussed on the webinar: 

  • the difference between testing game and playing it
  • common bugs in games 
  • unusual and rare bugs 
  • typical day of game tester 
  • special tricks and techniques 
  • hardest part of game testing 
  • how to choose devices for testing games 
  • suggestions and advices on game testing 


  • Ivan Kovalchuk, Senior QA Engineer, QA Lead at QATestLab  
  • Aleksey Brygyda, Senior QA Engineer, QA Lead at QATestLab  
  • Nazar Voytyuk, Senior QA Engineer, QA Lead at QATestLab 

Enjoy watching!