Independent Testing

Independent Testing

What we do

In order to provide effective bugs detection and ensure objective quality assessment, QATestLab provides the services of independent testing. Having no assumptions on system operation, we evaluate software quality based on actual test results.

Being fully unbiased, we are able to discover hidden issues that development team or in-house testers may miss. We provide our customers with a fresh view of software quality and assist in its improvement.

What we test

Fulfilling over 1000 projects for different industries including e-commerce, healthcare, government, e-learning, tourism, e-entertainment and telecommunications, we possess a large experience to ensure flawless testing procedure with risk management.

  • Mobile applications
  • Cloud solutions
  • IoT products
  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Games

How we test

Our independent QA team performs a wide range of different software testing types to ensure complex checking and assist in releasing qualitative product. We conduct both manual testing and test automation.

Possessing more than 12-year experience in the testing field, we have a large park of devices including iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon, PC with different OS types and versions, tools for automated, performance and security testing.

By keeping track of market tendencies and innovations, we constantly update our testing equipment and tools to provide an effective quality assessment. We monitor the competence of our QA teams and promote their enhancement by taking training courses and visiting conferences.

Independent Testing scheme

Objective assessment

Being a pure player at QA and testing market, QATestLab is fully focused on quality assessment and perform objective testing in comparison to software houses that provide mainly the services of custom software development.

Independent testing ensures the reduction of project costs as QA activities has own separate budget. Besides, due to detailed test documentation, customers are able to monitor and control all expenses spend on testing.

Due to flexibility, we can collaborate with customers following offshore or nearshore business models. Based on project specifics, customer’s requirements and business objectives, we select testing strategies and checking types that will ensure in-time software release without any issues.