10 tips on choosing a QA vendor for e Commerce software

How to choose the best vendor for your project? What to ask the testing team on the first meeting? We tried to answer these questions with our QATesLab team.

Why do TOP world companies prefer

Why do TOP world companies prefer the services of independent testing providers?

Quality Assurance is critical to ensure products released to the market are free from bugs or issues and are able to provide users with a positive experience. 

In life, even if you have an in-house team, the best-laid plans sometimes go awry. It is always preferred to engage with third parties for extra hands or to concentrate on the critical operations by delegating QA processes to them. On top of that, for some projects, it might be even more cost-effective.


6 tips that will help to choose potential QA and testing vendor

Choose a testing team that is interested in your product and wants to stay on the same wavelength.

Typically, such guys ask a lot of questions about the business and its solutions: What do you expect from the quality of the product? Who is the target audience? Which solutions should a product bring for its users? For example, when we set a first call with our clients, our tech lead and business development manager study all the information and prepare a list of questions to get as many answers as we can. The more we know about the product, the better services we can provide.


Check what other clients say about the QA company.

Find or ask vendors about feedback, look through reviews and blog comments. Various websites can facilitate your research like Gartner, Clutch, etc. Also, it is a good idea to go through case studies.


Search for comprehensive experience and expertise.

Always bear in mind that you may need a broader range of services later, so choose a vendor that can provide you with various testing types, a wide infrastructure, and a bigger team.


It will be great if the team has already worked on a similar project.

It means faster onboarding, more experience and knowledge that you can use, and some advice if you need it.


Choose a company that doesn't hide additional costs and provides you with transparent project estimation.

Let's make it clear - qualified QA engineers can not charge $12 per hour. Beware of working with unprofessional testers as it can negatively affect the quality of the end-product and your reputation. And also keep in mind that some vendors show lower rates, but eventually you pay much more for additional tools, managing, testing types, and so on. We always work under the transparent project estimation conditions because we prefer to correspond to clients expectations.


Look for a trouble-free and self-managed team with transparent communication and reporting. Fewer problems are the main idea of outsourcing.

You entrust processes to a third-party hand to have an opportunity to focus on the main goals. So it is important that an independent QA team can manage the whole process from writing documentation to controlling the reports. Also, a key superpower is to stay efficient while communicating if there are time differences and other difficulties. QATestlab offers an end-to-end fully customized managed testing service that enables businesses to delegate the responsibility of monitoring the testing process.


OK. So, you have chosen a couple of potential providers that might fit your project. It is the perfect time to set up an NDA with them and schedule a call to discuss your needs.

At this stage, you should be as meticulous as possible. Nothing damages cooperation more than failed expectations and saying, "I wanted this!" after the start of the project. 

So let's make sure that you will get what you want. 

We have asked our Project managers, QA specialists, and Business development managers to think about the questions they would ask vendors if they were clients. 


25 Key Questions To Ask Before Hiring a QA Vendor

1. Can the vendor make an exact project estimate and when will it be provided?

2 .Devices and tools with which testing is performed.

3. Does the vendor consult on setting up QA processes?

4. How much time does a QA engineer need for onboarding?

5. Can the vendor provide its test management system for the project?

Benefits of the Independent QA

Independent software testing enables companies to concentrate on their critical operations and accelerate creativity. 

At the same time, the testing service providers work efficiently to ensure higher product quality as well as a positive business outcome.

Another set of eyes for thorough testing

Another set of eyes for thorough testing

Cost effectiveness


Faster time to market

Faster time to market

Expertise and resources

Expertise and resources

Extra testing devices and tools

Extra testing devices and tools

Access to a highly proficient team

Access to a highly proficient team

In-house specialists*


per month

An average recruiter salary х the required time to search for a QA specialist


per month

Cost of the testing infrastructure per month: servers, tools, devices


per month

Total cost for 1 middle QA specialist engagement per month


per hour

A QA Project managers’ salary

QA provider*


No expenses for recruitment


No expenses for testing infrastructure


per month

Total cost for 1 middle QA specialist engagement


per hour

Project manager cost

*average market prices

Short summary from our team

Short summary from our team

  • It is always the best practice to engage with third parties to be confident in the success of your project.
  • Independent testing services can be cost-effective for different projects.
  • Cases and feedback about QA vendors speak more than words.
  • During the interview with the vendor be as meticulous as it is possible.
  • Independent QA enables companies to concentrate on their critical operations and make them more effective.

You can continue your search or you can try working with us: transparant, efficient and fast.

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