Real Cases with E-commerce

Platforms Where Software

Testing Made a Difference

Real Cases with E commerce Platforms Where Software Testing Made a Difference

Find out from the real examples what great benefits software testing can bring to an e-commerce product

Real Cases with E commerce

In our previous article about e-commerce trends, we mentioned that in 2022 the global e-com market is estimated to generate as much as 5.42 trillion dollars. This must be an exciting prospect that promises great profits for companies in this sector. 

But there is a catch. 73% of visitors leave an online store without making a purchase because of bad user experience. 

How to turn more visitors into buyers and increase profit from an e-com platform? Software testing can help. But you don’t need to take our word for it. Better let our case studies be the proof.

E-com case studies where testing helped



This online shop based on Magento 2 specializes in selling sports shoes for men and women. It consists of a website with mobile versions (Android and iOS), an admin panel, and an API client which enables integration with third-party software.  


The client’s objective was to make sure that the shop was completely ready for release. It was also necessary to verify if the store was compatible with and worked correctly on different mobile devices used by the target audience. 


Test documentation
Functional testing
Compatibility testing
- API testing
Performance testing


  • Our team developed a pre-launch QA checklist to make sure all the important aspects of the shop were tested before the release. 
  • We verified the order and payment procedures with different payment methods to prevent any financial or reputational issues for the shop in the future.
  • The QATestLab team tested the calculations on checkout, including gift cards and promotions, to ensure a smooth and bug-free purchasing experience for the store customers.
  • Our experts verified that the admin panel worked correctly, so the online shop could be managed and updated with no problems. 
  • We checked the work of the store on the mobile devices popular among its target audience to ensure a good user experience for all the shop’s visitors. 
  • Our team tested how the store’s API worked to verify seamless integration with third-party systems.
  • The QATestLab specialists checked the performance capacities of the shop to assess how stable it was and how much load it could withstand. 
  • Our QA services helped to release the shop in time and with no critical issues. 



This platform provides a user with deals and helps to connect to a community of consumers. It also allows making investments in cash products, trading with leveraged products, and managing money by trading experts.   


The client wanted to have exhaustive test cases written for the platform to make sure it was thoroughly tested and all potential issues were discovered before the production phase. The platform needed to be checked across all browsers and typical devices. The customer also wanted to optimize QA processes. 


Test documentation
Functional testing
UX / Usability testing
GUI testing
Compatibility testing
- Retesting and regression testing
QA processes optimization and management


  • We wrote new test cases for the website, its admin panel, and application to ensure thorough and effective checking of all the aspects of the platform. 
  • Our team also improved the existing test cases to make them more transparent. 
  • We checked the platform’s functionality to confirm everything was working as expected. 
  • Our QA experts tested if the trading platform was easy to use, convenient, and intuitive for the end users. 
  • The QATestLab team verified the product’s user interface to confirm that all its elements worked and displayed correctly.
  • We checked the platform’s performance in all browsers and on the relevant and popular devices to make sure users would have no issues accessing the platform with them.    
  • Our QA experts ran retests to ensure that the bugs were completely fixed by the developers, and we verified that nothing got broken by these fixes.
  • The QATestLab specialists built effective communication with the development team, managed the testing process for the client, and helped to optimize quality assurance in the company.



This cloud-based platform with a multitenant cloud architecture enables complete visibility and control over an omnichannel order process and streamlines the entire order lifecycle. 


The main challenge for the customer was to verify the operability of the application’s API client and to ensure smooth integration of the platform with third-party systems. 


Test documentation
Functional testing
- API testing
Integration testing


  • We analyzed the project documentation in the form of RAML files and prepared new test cases and a test plan to enable effective quality assurance. 
  • Our team tested the platform’s REST API and checked the process of managing inventory, processing orders, and reconciling accounts. 
  • The QATestLab experts verified the solution’s proper integration with popular e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon and eBay. 
  • As a result, the open API now enables scalability on demand without the problem of management and maintaining the backend hardware.

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Advantages our QA services brought in the cases above

Timely and bug-free releases of software that ensured its positive reviews from the get-go

Flawless functionality, interface, API integrations, usability, and performance of the solution

Customers being able to use the app on any device or browser with no issues

Test documentation to achieve highly effective quality assurance and keep the knowledge about the solution

Optimization of the testing process for best results and its management to save the client’s time

Increased user satisfaction with the product that led to higher profit for the company

Who we are

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