Independent Software Testing

Throughout the history of testing many leading IT companies and institutions have tried to develop a generally applicable method of quality assurance in order to help any company engaged in the development or testing of software to provide the best quality product to the client. Non-unique results of these studies became important principles of software testing, one of which is the principle of "independent testing".

In the basis of idea of an independent testing is the separation of testers from the development team. This separation helps to increase the efficiency of work of testing team, the risks associated with poor performance of the testing greatly reduced.

Moreover, the head of development does not specify "priority areas for testing" and independent testers look at the product more widely and independently. Finally, people are beginning to test a software product for the first time, looking at it by "other" eyes than the programmers.

As a result, the company offers a product much more reliable and with high quality, which means that an objective and independent evaluation of the software is the most effective and economically acceptable practice of software testing.

Our company has redesigned and implemented all the necessary procedures for quality assurance and testing of software, including the "independent testing" as the basis for the successful promotion of other services, and provides them with the success for its customers.

Testing by «QATestLab» is:

  • Modern testing methodology ("white", "black box" and "gray box" method of "rapid" test, test methodology incremental);
  • Comprehensive testing of modern techniques, which include all types of tests;
  • Deep expertise assessment of used technologies and a variety of implemented test environments;
  • Requirements management, risk management, configuration management;
  • Automated testing process with the use of modern automation software from leading manufacturers in this field;
  • Documentation of the testing process to ensure that management personnel and customer by base necessary to monitor, analyze and project management;
  • Compliance with the terms of the agreement not to disclose confidential information and protection of intellectual property rights.