Independent testing of Sales Applications / CRM: popular questions and common myths

20 January 2020

For most companies, CRM is at the center of business, so the quality of CRM can directly influence relations with the clients and, thus, affect company income.

And how can a business gain and retain customers relying on the quality of CRM systems?

During this webinar, we analyzed the process of quality assurance for CRM software and showed how it works in practice.

Considering the fact that testing CRM systems require specific QA competence, engagement of independent testing provider can be a perfect match. You do not only reduce many business risks but also keep your in-house team focusing on the core competences and top-priority tasks.

The webinar will be especially interesting for:

  • Project Managers
  • Product Owners and Managers
  • Managing and Technical Directors

Marina Savchuk, Business Development Manager at QATestLab
Vitalii Shvets, Senior QA Engineer at QATestLab

Questions that were covered:

  • what is independent software testing for CRM systems
  • independent testing & in-house QA
  • why engage independent quality control for a CRM project
  • specifics of CRM systems testing and common issues
  • popular myths about independent testing
  • how to start cooperation with third-part QA provider and much more