Test Management

Test Management

What we do

The improvement of software quality requires proper quality assessment based on effective test management. QATestLab provides the services of test management to improve software quality and ensure fast and successful its release to the market.

Possessing understanding of the processes, business and functional requirements and industry specifics, we not only design and execute test cases but set and manage all processes and activities by ourselves.

Test Management Planning

Dividing our test management activities into planning and execution phases, we optimize the processes and establish flawless work. The planning phase includes the following activities:

  • risk analysis and assessment
  • test estimations
  • test planning
  • test organization

We start every project from risk analysis to avoid and prevent potential expenses and losses during further activities. Project estimation is accurate planning of stages and processes. It includes bug modeling, which is based on our experience in similar projects and knowledge of software development methods, time and scheduling required for setting and preparing a test environment.

Improper Test Plan may cause the failure of the whole project. We perform test planning taking into the account potential risks, available recourses, specifics of product development, deadlines and scope of required work. By conducting test organization, we arrange test team to ensure its high productivity and further self-organization.

Test Management Execution

The execution phase includes test monitoring, issue management, test reporting, quality evaluation.

In order to keep to the plan and available resources and budget, we conduct test control and monitoring. We provide stakeholders with activities statuses by gathering, recording and reporting the information about all processes. We provide the adjustments according to status updates.

Issue management helps us to be ready to deal with project issues that may cause activity breaks or stop the whole process. We have experience in solving problems including exceeded budget, missed deadlines, tight schedule. After reporting all bugs we follow them until they are fixed. We provide the final evaluation of a product on the ground of a number bugs, that were found and fixed, and aftereffect factor.

In order to provide best possible optimization and productivity of testing process, we use the following tools - qTest, PractiTest, Zephyr, Test Collab, TestFLO for JIRA, XQual, TestCaseLab, QAComplete, QACoverage, Plutora Test, Inflectra, xRay

Ensure testing process transparency

Test Management mini

Сollaboration closely with customer’s project team, we strive to improve the quality of final product and assist to ensure a successful release. Test management activities provide visibility of project status and simplify the coordination of QA team work.

Test management ensures the transparency of checking activities. Customers are able to track the project status and monitor means that are used. Simplifying and accelerating the work of QA team, test management activities help to reduce expenses and stay within the project budget.