Training and Education

What we do

We provide the services of training and education solution testing to ensure a positive user experience due
to proper system functionality, clear and convenient interface, and high compatibility.
Our services will help to ensure reliability, operability, and stability of solutions.

What we test


Our testing package includes the verification of e-learning solutions
of different types.

We are able to perform testing of open-source systems, comput-
er-based software, desktop solutions, server-based applications,
and mobile solutions.

We have experience and skills to verify multimedia content includ-
ing graphics, audio and video files used and stored in te solutions.

How we test

We design and execute test cases to verify both typical and untypical use scenarios and ensure a wide test coverage.
We strive to provide the users with a smooth workflow without any functional issues. Besides, we pay attention to software usability
and its UI. We verify the solution interface using different mobile devices, browsers, and OS types.


Learn more about how we work on examples of accomplished projects.

Own Training Center

Having own Training Center, we are aware of the functional specifics of training and education solutions and the end users' needs.
We conduct quality assessment from the users' perspective taking into account usability and interface of the solution.