What Must a Good Test Plan be Like?

Planning of web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing is a complex task. A testing plan is meant to make the efforts efficient. It should take into account lots of factors.

It may be hard to create a good test plan. But a software testing company claims that with experience one begins to quickly determine on what aspects it is better to concentrate.

It is Known That a Good Test Plan Should:

  • be clear and distinct;
  • provide the most effective usage of the project resources;
  • correctly set priorities and allocate testing works and resources according to them.


Today a test plan can be presented in various forms. Experience has shown that the form of the document is not as significant as its content.

A good plan for mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing should also be future-proof and consider actual and coming changes in information technology. In order to provide this one should stay in the know of the latest events and trends on information technology market.

Novice testers should allocate some time on learning modern information technology every day. This way they will receive much useful information and always stay in step with modern IT trends.