For What Should Every Test Engineer Find Time?

Information technology is constantly evolving. Software developers try to do their best to make their application useful, convenient and user-friendly. This makes many applications very sophisticated combinations of various elements and technologies.

Severe competition between software producers often results in diminishing time allocated for the application development and mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. Requirements to skills of test engineers increase in such a situation.

Customers often want testers to specialize in using a number of different tools or be familiar with automated testing, for example, besides skills in functional testing, usability testing or security testing. Specialists with deep knowledge in several directions are highly appreciated.

That is why upgrading skills and knowledge increases value of a test engineer.

So, a Tester Should Find Time For:

  • receiving an international testing certification such as ISTQB, CSTE, CSQA;
  • mastering modern popular tools, receiving some tool related certifications;
  • attending courses in any field that may be needed for better understanding of the tested programs, for example, courses in law, accounting and so on;
  • learning something new, enlarging the outlook.

One must constantly develop his or her knowledge and be ready for new challenges in order to be successful in any branch of information technology.