Why QA Consulting?

In order to make sure that the selected QA strategy satisfies quality standards and meets the industry requirements, QATestLab provides the services of QA consulting by analyzing testing and development processes, evaluating team readiness for testing, and detecting product vulnerabilities.

What we do

Based on our large experience in testing software products of different types and for various industries, we provide consulting services in three main directions:

  • testing process assessment
  • general consulting
  • coaching

We provide consulting for:

  • organizations who strive to effective quality evaluation
  • managers and team leaders to promote the productivity of the project team
  • companies who need to improve the security level of solutions
  • businesses who want to enhance QA team competence
  • projects that require well-formed documentation
  • teams that apply new QA approaches and methodologies

Testing process assessment

Testing process assessment includes the evaluation of software testing processes, tools for testing, and QA team. Leaving all assumptions on product specifics, we provide an objective and independent evaluation of testing processes and applied strategies.

For customers to have project documentation well written, we perform the review of a test plan, test strategy, test cases. Based on the peculiarities of the project, we are able to provide independent consulting to assist in solving such issues as system malfunction, security vulnerabilities, usability difficulties, automation disadvantages.

What will you get?

  • helpful recommendations and consulting
  • full transparency of QA activities
  • reduction of potential risks
  • improvement of software quality
  • reduction of time and money expenses
  • project release on time and within the budget
  • updated testing processes
  • removal of testing bottlenecks

Training services

Trainig services

In order to improve the competence of QA beginners and clarify difficult testing notions, we provide training services. We aim our online webinars taken by experienced Program Managers and Tech Leads to avoid testing pitfalls, show how to solve project difficulties, increase the productivity of the QA team, and so on. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we want to draw more attention to software quality and the importance of its objective evaluation.