Nlgxsecure - Android application for access restriction of the phone and its unlock

This Android app is designed to improve the ability to lock / unlock your smartphone by drawing a pre-designed shape. It is integrated into the interface and displays custom lock screen on which one needs to draw a predetermined shape for unlock and use.

The application is used in the fields of data protection, as well as to ensure data privacy in case of  loss of device.

At the beginning it was decided that test automation of the application should be performed. It covered the main application functionality: change of application settings, lock, unlock of the device and testing of emergency situations (deadlock, crash etc). During development of automated tests for the application, it was decided to develop additional tests of stability of the multiple lock/unlock in order to identify crash.

The automated test engineer has developed a set of tests that run directly on the device with automatic assembling of the results after completion. During development QATestLab team identified specific performance issues and the critical bugs allowing an outside person to unlock the phone without drawing were also fixed.