Development of Test Plan

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Development of Test Plan

Test plan is a document that describes the entire volume of the testing works spent on the specific project.

It is created before the testing of project and must be approved by the customer.

The test plan covers such works as:

  • description of the testing object;
  • definition of testing purposes and strategies;
  • definition of project priorities and the role of testing;
  • definition of the criterias for the beginning and end of testing;
  • the choice of test environment;
  • writing of test-cases.

The test plan may be changed throughout the development process depending on the changes of requirements or unrecorded details.

It should always reflect the real state of the project. If the project is too large, it is advisable to make test plan for each subsystem or component of the project.

There are two main types of test plans:

  • Master Test Plan - contains static high-level information that is not allowed to be changed. It is used to get acquainted with the basic components of the project and its development process. As a rule, it is only one for the entire project;
  • Detailed Test Plan - contains more specific information concerning strategies, types of testing, the schedule of works. It changes constantly, reflecting the real state of the project.