Internet Search Engine Snap Shots is an internet search engine but more important is the product they produce called Snapshots; this is installed on over 2,000,000 websites all around the world. It is designed to make the visitors experience much more rewarding. It works by showing visitors information that they might be interested in without them having to click on anything. Simply rolling over a link is enough to display a screenshot which will be much more attractive than having to click off the site.

The main objective of the project was testing of the user interface, usability and compatibility of internet search system with different browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox) under different operation systems (Windows, Linux and MacOS) and provision of existing system with the use-cases and documentation. The project methodology was RUP. Various testing types and techniques were used.

The system was completely evaluated in scope of usability and compatibility, and was documented for end-user. All test-cases were based on use-cases and then transformed into user's documentation. All project documents and reports were sent to the customer according to the procedure of process management.