Development of Test Cases

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Development of Test Cases

Test case is a sequence of actions that describes a set of steps, the specific requirements and parameters, which are necessary to verify the implementation of the tested function.

Test Case is created immediately after the development of a common test plan, even before the program will be written. However, if the necessary documentation is absent, Test Case can be prepared directly during the testing.

Test-case should contain the following information:

  •  a unique name, which describes the sacrament of the verified function to the test. It is also necessary to link test cases to a specific request;
  •  general description (summary);
  •  preconditions (system state in order to be able to perform the test case);
  •  the steps of test case;
  •  the expected result.

Some aspects that are required to write good test cases are described below:

  •  each test case should be independent of each other, the test cases should not have links to other test cases;
  •  step into the test cases should uniquely identify the action and the result of this action;
  •  each test case should verify the only one functionality;
  •  the purpose of each test case is to run the test in the simplest possible way.