FotoBOOK: Online Platform for Creating Photo Albums

FotoBook is an online platform for creating high-quality photobooks for personal and corporate use.

You are able to choose between numerous customization options for (size, material, shape, bindings, print layouts and covers).

In order to evaluate how the system can work under great loads, QATestLab engineers performed load testing, imitating a certain number of concurrent users.

Thus, the limit of good system performance was established. Due to the recommendations given by our specialists, the system’s resistance to loads was greatly increased. This resulted in overall web site performance improvement.

Our specialists also checked how usable the website is by conducting usability testing. The website’s functionality and design were thoroughly inspected on correspondence to the stated requirements.

The conducted user interface testing helped to identify whether application has a proper functional.

The client has received a detailed report on all the bugs found during the process of testing together with some useful recommendations.