The Secrets of iOS Apps Manual Testing

As iOS platform is very popular today, then for maintaining, it ie required a good reputation, the thorough and detailed checking of all aspects and peculiarities as of the product system, as of conditions of its usage.

Performing exploratory testing of iOS applications, the specialists may face the set of pluses and minuses of such approach to checking. On the one side, the test plan is not required, its checking and preparation take less time. But on the over side, there is no test documentation, the level of the test coverage is low and the experienced testers are needed for a really qualitative checking.


Also, the user tests are often performed. They are manual testing types of the products on the iOS platform. Their purpose - to improve the application, not only detect bugs. There are four types of user testing:

  1. usability testing,
  2. concept testing,
  3. beta testing,
  4. A/B testing.

Concept testing is an evaluation of the user reaction to the application idea before the product release on the market.

What is testing concept procedure?

  • concept evaluation - representing application idea to the clients.
  • Positioning - interviewing with the actual questions.
  • Product testing - the users evaluate the quality of the applications.

With the help of usability testing, the specialists check how easy it is to use the product. Executing iOS testing, the specialists record the process of the usability tests fulfillment. Also, the special usability checking tools may be utilized. Magitest is used for application and website testing, and with the help of tool, one may track interaction between an actual user and a product on iOS.