Why Should We Test RDBMS?

Performing banking system testing or online store testing, the specialists face the databases of different kinds. Not only the product itself or its certain aspect undergoes checking but also database and systems for its managing are tested.

RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System) is a system for managing the relational database.


Main reasons for RDBMS testing:

  1. Data - the important corporate means, and the validation process of data quality via effective testing is required.
  2. RDBMS ensures the execution of critical business functionality. Some organizations perform only regression testing for checking logic.
  3. Certain information which is presented by testing is required for defining errors.
  4. Evolutionary development support. Thus, for instance, in order the process of database refactoring to be fulfilled successfully, it is necessary to predefine weak points of the system where the bugs may occur after performing modifications.
  5. The existing approaches for checking databases are not efficient.

The point is, in most cases, the formal database checking is conducted by developers during its direct designing. Frequently, the detailed and thorough database testing is not performed. But simple visual checking of the query results may become a head start even that this approach will not promote the detected errors removal.

Some do not see the similarity between the application code and a code which will be implemented in the database. But each of these code fragments may contain some trivial bugs. So why are web application testing and software testing in demand and why is database checking neglected?