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Big-Bang Testing Specifics

Performing integration testing, the specialists often apply the big-bang method. All system components or modules are integrated simultaneously, and after this, the whole system is tested as an entity.

Error Guessing in Software Testing

Error-guessing in software testing can find number of faults that systematic techniques may be fail to attend. Test cases are derived from experience of where defects have taken place in the past or software tester has acumen as to where defects can take place in the future.

QA Activities in Waterfall Process

In the most frequently used waterfall process for big software projects, development activities are generally divided into various consecutive steps to form a waterfall, although the overlaps are prevalent among successive pairs of phases.

Tools for Load Testing: benchmarking study

The article provides a brief overview and comparison of the following tools for load testing: Gatling, WAPT, CloudTest, SmartMeter, and NeoLoad. The review is called to assist in selecting a proper tool for verification of system capacities.

Difference between Test Plan and Test Strategy

Test Plan and Test Strategy are documentation used for arrangement and execution of QA activities. These documents are not similar ones, but they are interrelated. Let’s review the specifics of both to understand the difference between them.