Tight Deadlines During Software Development: How Independent Testing Can Help

Tight Deadlines During Software Development: How Independent Testing Can Help

Tight deadlines are a very widespread work-related issue. No matter the field, dealing with them can be really challenging.

In software development, tight deadlines can be caused by a number of reasons:

  • The product needs to be released as early as possible.
  • The product requires frequent updates because
    • it is dynamic by its nature
    • its functionality is expanding
    • it is at the early stages of its existence and hasn’t achieved stability yet.
  • The team needs to work on several solutions or projects at the same time; the workload increases, but the deadlines stay the same.
  • The deadline is moved to an earlier date because of some unpredictable circumstances, etc.

There are many efficient ways to address the challenge of tight deadlines. One of them is to use the assistance independent testing can offer.

How independent testing can help

As QA is part of the development process, spending less time on it can help to meet tight deadlines. This is where independent testing can lend a hand:

  • Independent testing vendors can provide you with more QA engineers to complete all the testing tasks faster.

The larger number of people work on a testing assignment, the quicker it is completed, thus saving time to more easily meet the deadline.

The QATestLab team, for example, has often assisted companies to close a 40-hour assignment in just around 2 days.

  • An independent testing team can completely take on all the testing responsibilities in the project to free up your team’s time for development.

With all the QA tasks being done by an independent testing vendor, your developers and other team members can focus all of their efforts and dedicate all the time to developing the product and releasing it in time.

  • Independent QA will help you to make sure the quality of testing is not compromised even if it needs to be completed faster than expected.

Sometimes development might take longer than expected, which leaves less time for testing. If that happens, the assistance of independent QA can ensure thorough testing, while still meeting the deadlines.


When striving to meet tight deadlines, any help may be decisive. Using independent QA services to speed up testing can be the solution that will solve the issue. Independent testing vendors can expand your team with more QA experts, take on all the testing tasks, and ensure thorough checking of the product’s quality. If you need any QA assistance to meet tight deadlines or otherwise, QATestLab is always ready to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.