Load Testing Scenarios

Test scenarios are designed to determine the typical and atypical situations that may be found in the application.

Load testing scenarios are intended to check situations connected with a change of the system loading rate and reveal anything that can be potentially harmful. 

A separate load test scenario consists of the scripts that will be performed, the percentages in which those scripts will be performed, and a description of how the load will be increased.

QATestLab Load Testing Scenarios

In order to write a typical load test scenario, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Write down one or more tasks. Then generate a script or a request. To achieve this goal you can use such test automation tools as TestComplete, LoadRunner, The Grinder and many others.
  2. Create a load test (specify the exact number of users, distribute tasks among users, define the browser, connection speed and the time of beginning for each user, make sure that the simultaneous use was started).
  3. Run your test.
  4. Repeat the test several times increasing (or decreasing) the number of virtual users.