Top 25 Tools for Test Automation in 2020. Research Paper

The secret behind excellent test automation is nothing but possessing the right tool. But the problem is, projects for testing can be different, so do the testing tools. Most instruments have a unique set of features, weak and strong sides. It is quite challenging to decide even for experienced specialists what will work best.

Video Game Testing Guide

Video Game Testing 101 is another practical guide from the QATestLab team of seasoned QA gurus, focused on how to carry out an effective, value-for-money game testing program. The guide includes 6 highly informative mini-chapters that turn the spotlight on the role of testing in the game development lifecycle, necessary documentation, testing techniques, and common bugs.

Software Testing & QA Providers. Insights and Market Forecasts 2020

After the appearance of the worldwide pandemic caused by COVID-19, the majority of companies have been taken over by restructuring of what was previously called 'normal.' Never has it been more critical to understand the state of things today in the world and tendencies that will dominate tomorrow. Most importantly, it is worthful to be aware of things that could potentially allow us to recover from the crisis within the shortest possible period.

Future of Mobile Test Automation

A dynamic marketplace requires the delivery of high-quality solutions and code with speed and agility. Respectively, shortening of the release cycle reduces testing lifecycle. To deal with the pressure, organizations are adopting a test automation strategy for mobile testing. However, the current state of mobile test automation is considered to be ambiguous.

Guide to Test Automation Tools 2017 - 2018

This whitepaper specifies test automation market and provides the comprehensive data on the most popular test automation tools in 2017 - 2018  including Selenium WebDriver, Appium, Robotium, Serenity, Robot, Galen, HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT), Ranorex Studio, TestComplete, Telerik Test Studio, and Applitools Eyes.