Exploring the Future of Gaming: QATestLab team Shares Their Highlights from Reboot Develop Blue 2024

Exploring the Future of Gaming: QATestLab team Shares Their Highlights from Reboot Develop Blue 2024

Following three whirlwind days of learning, networking, and soaking up the Adriatic sun, the QATestLab team is back from Reboot Develop Blue 2024 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Today, we are thrilled to share with you our memorable moments from this inspiring event.

On April 22-24, our team had the pleasure of attending the Reboot Develop Blue conference in the historic city of Dubrovnik, a gathering brimming with creativity, innovation, and invaluable networking. The atmosphere at the conference was electric, with every participant, including our own Anton Yefimenko (Program Director) and Nataliia Hrushka (Program Operations Manager), using every chance to engage in discussions and exchange experiences with game developers and designers from all over Europe.

This year’s Reboot Develop Blue featured a series of enriching open-air lectures. They offered attendees the opportunity to learn while enjoying the stunning scenery, making this conference a truly unique event. Key discussions centered around the latest trends in game design, the integration of AI technologies into gaming, advice for game studios on how to overcome challenging times, and strategies for creating more immersive gaming experiences.

The list of speakers included some well-known names from TikTok, Meta, Unity, Ubisoft, Nanobit, and many more. However, there were also discussions brought about by representatives of independent gaming studios who shared their own views on the pressing matters and the future of the gaming industry. 

A standout moment for our team was the chance to connect with some of the industry's most innovative game designers. The insights we gathered during these discussions will help us enhance our game testing services to ensure that we continue delivering the highest level of quality and value to our clients. 

Another highlight of the event was the presentation of a revolutionary game by the UK charity SpecialEffects. This organization is on a mission to make video games accessible to people with physical disabilities to facilitate rehabilitation. Our attendees also got to play a few demos of some intriguing upcoming games, getting excited about a new hand-drawn adventure game ‘Eloy and the Aliens’ by a Slovenian developer, Motiviti. 

As we reflect on our time at Reboot Develop Blue, we are grateful for the memories, the lessons learned, and the new connections established. This experience has provided us with deeper insights into the heartbeat of the gaming industry and also helped us strengthen our enthusiasm and commitment to the evolution of game development. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the organizers and participants of Reboot Develop Blue 2024 and look forward to seeing you at this exciting event next year!