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Ghost Archives - iOS and Android Game

The game in the genre of Hidden Objects. The player is in the abandoned mining town. At the very beginning of the game the player meets with the ghost that will follow him during the whole game. The game's plot is based on the fact that the souls of the city residents, who have not completed their work, live in the city and that's why they can not find their peace and rest. Due to the search of the hidden objects, solving the interesting puzzles the player can help the ghosts and they will find their peace and rest.

The Island Castaway Playground – iOS and Android Game

Crafting an extraordinary game experience that captivates players worldwide is no small feat. The goal of developers is to create a game interface that is not only visually appealing but also intuitive, ensuring players can navigate with ease. 

In this case study, we tell the story of our collaborative venture with a popular game development company.  Discover how we meticulously examined each game localization to ensure compliance with cultural characteristics, ensuring players from various regions feel immersed and connected to the game. 

Massively Multiplayer Browser Online Game

Massively multiplayer browser online game that takes place in a fantasy world. One of the main directions is PVP battles. 4 teams of 4 players take part in the battles. The game has different bonus characters such as monsters, bosses and all kinds of animals.

The game is exciting first of all because of its team play, dynamic scenes and high-quality graphics.

Automatic Video Rendering and Publishing System

This case study describes the testing process of an automatic video rendering and publishing system for an adventure sports provider, including bungee jumping. The system is designed to automate the creation of video recorded during the adventures and ensure fast social sharing. 

Our client needed a comprehensive testing solution to streamline the development process and ensure a smooth user experience.