Media and Entertainment

Football Application

The handy application for those who wants to stay informed of the football events. The detailed schedules of the upcoming matches, the latest news and events.

Design Studio Website

The virtual showcase of designer clothes for men and women. The purpose of the project - to introduce those, who love dressing in a trendy and original way, with the creations of the famous Australian fashion design studio.The potential customers can easily find detailed information about each season and can directly contact the designer to ask all the questions about the model they liked.

Left in the Dark - iOS and Android Game

The game in the genre of Hidden Objects. The player acts as a private detective Charlotte.

Charlotte receives a mysterious letter from the mayor of the town. Upon arrival, it turns out that somehow the ghost ship without a captain and crew appeared in the town. Charlotte decides that she must find out what actually happened to the ship and its crew.

Nightmares from the Deep - Mac Game

The game in the genre of Hidden Objects. The player acts as a matron of the museum Sarah Black.

The plot unfolds with receiving the parcel. Once Sarah retrieves a mysterious artifact, the crowd of creepy fish-men attacks the museum and kidnaps the girl.

The player turns out to be in an abandoned fishing village on the cursed ship's graveyard with creepy caves. The city appears to be cursed. One must fight with Davy Jones himself in order to save the village and its residents.

Family web portal

The family web portal. The main objective is uniting people in participation in the new and exciting promotions. The users are constantly presented with prizes and gifts. 

Township - iOS and Android Game

It's a very interesting and exciting game that was created in the best traditions of strategies for building the cities. The playing style is Play ground. The user is given an interesting opportunity to build his or her city with various infrastructure: farms, factories, railway and houses. In the game there is an opportunity to trade between other players and cities.