The Island Castaway Playground – iOS and Android Game

Crafting an extraordinary game experience that captivates players worldwide is no small feat. The goal of developers is to create a game interface that is not only visually appealing but also intuitive, ensuring players can navigate with ease. 

In this case study, we tell the story of our collaborative venture with a popular game development company. Discover how we meticulously examined each game localization to ensure compliance with cultural characteristics, ensuring players from various regions feel immersed and connected to the game.

About the client and challenges

The client created an exciting and very popular game in the style of a playground. In the game, the player finds himself on the shores of a mysterious island after surviving the wreckage of a liner.

This game will give users an exciting venture with different quests and puzzles. 

The publisher company contacted the QATestLab team to perform localization testing. It was required to perform detailed checks of displaying the fonts on the Asian localizations.

During localization testing, it was also necessary to perform functional testing in order to find defects in the linear playthrough.