Sales Guns

Sales Guns is an iPhone app designed to record the amount of time that a salesperson spends on the phone (‘talk time’) selling products and services on behalf of a client, and bills the client for the talk time plus an additional fee for admin.


Echo is a platform built for music fans to collaborate on playlists and exchange great music; it enables them to compile and edit playlists together, using YouTube and SoundCloud, and share them with Echo’s community. 


iBroadcast is a place to consolidate all of your music online. We organize it for you, make it easy to manage your library and play your music on any computer or device you have without having to sync a thing. Plus, we do it all for free and without any ads.


It is the online marketplace for booking live music performances. You can watch videos, photos of the artist and choose it for your celebration.

Roamer World PDA

Roamer World PDA  is the latest version of the popular Roamer robot. It combines the latest robotic technology with the science of learning to create an exciting and dynamic educational tool that can help your students understand complex ideas across a wide range of age groups and subjects.

Bilingual, mobile-first jobs marketplace

The bilingual, mobile-first jobs marketplace that enables more than 74 million hourly workers in the United States to find and apply for jobs from any computer, tablet or phone.

Hourly workers use mobile devices as their primary connection point, but they can’t easily apply for jobs using their phones. Ninety percent of them prefer text messaging as their main communication mechanism, but they can’t apply using simple text messaging. Applications are in English when often the applicant speaks Spanish. Close to one billion man-hours are wasted in the United States every year in inefficient ways to match workers with jobs.

Mobile CRM-system

Mobile CRM-system is a native iOS application. With its help user can access the CRM data from mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) at any time.