VooDoo Me - a voodoo doll simulator

The application is presented as a simulator of a voodoo doll that can be modified by substituting a doll's face with a person's photo. After creating a doll, a user can start torturing it by throwing virtual needles at it. The moment the needle pierces a doll, it makes a loud and funny scream. Before a user starts taking revenge on their "worst enemy", they can choose one of 16 characters to create their doll.

FC Quiz: Game for iOS

FC Quiz is a game application for iPhone and iPad. The aim of the application is to guess football team just by seeing its emblem. To proceed to the next level, it is necessary to guess a certain number of teams and type their names to the special field.

Left in the Dark - iOS and Android Game

The game in the genre of Hidden Objects. The player acts as a private detective Charlotte.

Charlotte receives a mysterious letter from the mayor of the town. Upon arrival, it turns out that somehow the ghost ship without a captain and crew appeared in the town. Charlotte decides that she must find out what actually happened to the ship and its crew.