What Is Mobile Device Testing?

The specialists perform not only mobile application testing but also checking of devices themselves which are ready for entrance to the market. Basically, the whole checking procedure is in no way different from software testing but, still, there are a number of nuances.

Device testing includes software testing and the checking of hardware. At that, diverse methodologies and techniques, which promote the improvement of the output quality, are utilized. 

When a part of the mobile device is ready, unit testing is performed. Frequently, such checking type is conducted by a development team. Unit testing may include:

  • hardware testing,
  • software checking,
  • mechanical testing.

Besides, manufacturing testing is fulfilled as well which is go-no-go checking of the mobile device. Such tests are executed automatically.

What does manufacturing checking include?

  • Mobile application checking
  • Hardware checking
  • Battery testing
  • Signal processing control
  • Network testing
  • Protocol checking
  • Mobile game testing
  • Compatibility testing

Mobile device testing is focused on checking device itself while application checking - on operation correctness of the app. Mobile application testing may also include hardware checking if hardware is integrated. Automation checking principle may be applied for both testing types - app and devices control.