What Should We Focus on When Conducting Mobile Testing?

If you want to work in the sphere of software testing, you should learn how to perform mobile testing, as it is very popular nowadays.

If you want your testing to be effective, you should learn how to set priorities.

Tips for Conducting Successful Mobile Testing:

  • Sometimes the best option is unite mobile testing with another software testing type, namely automated testing. Automation will make your testing more productive and greatly economize your time.
  • Take into consideration that depending on a software type, not all of the software products can be easily automated. Some applications require only manual testing if you want it successful.
  • If you are testing software that can be run on a range of devices, focus first on the issues that could prevent users from using the tested software on their mobile device.
  • Verify that the device type doesn’t put any limitations on the software under testing.
  • Check whether the software doesn’t influence the overall device performance.
  • Make sure that the stated software is technically most suitable for the users’ devices.
  • When choosing the most suitable devices to conduct mobile testing on, choose the most popular models with most popular environment (OS version, preinstalled software etc.).
  • Pay special attention to the verification whether the software is usable. Usability testing is a good solution.
  • Test the software’s performance.
  • Sometimes exploratory testing can be a good way of guiding the overall testing process.
  • Combine several types of software testing in order to get the maximum profitable testing result.