Cinemagram: Mobile Application for Entertainment

Cinemagram is a perfect way of entertainment for people who cannot imagine their life without photos, videos, other kinds of graphic content and social networks. This application can be especially appreciated by connoisseurs of lomography.

With the help of Cinemagram application it is possible to create short animations and post them in Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

QATestLab specialists performed the development of test plans for iOS and Android versions of application.

Our testing team carried out compatibility testing on different devices to verify if the product works correctly on all of them.

Regression testing was performed in order to ensure that proceeding software changes have no unexpected side-effects.

The conducted user interface testing helped to identify whether application has proper functionalily.

The client has received a detailed report on all the bugs found during the process of testing together with test plans and the table of compatibility with iOS and Android devices.