Web Site of Offshore Outsourcing Solutions Company

Web site of the company that provides managed offshore outsourcing solutions and consultancy services.

Independent QA testing of the usability of the web site was carried out.

Our team has performed compatibility testing on different platforms, including Mac, Linux, Mobile, etc.

Cross-browser testing is one of the most complicated and long-lasting task in the process of product development.

Potential visitors are using absolutely different browsers, and the task was not to lose the public of some popular browsers.

QATestLab team has performed functional and user interface testing according to sources provided by designer. We have scrupulously tested each pixel of the web site.

We have tested the proper display of the web site in the majority of popular browsers and their versions to meet the requirements of design, style, form elements work and their location.

Testing has allowed our client to reduce time and to meet the deadlines.

All project documents and reports were sent to client according to the procedure of process management.