Configuration Testing

Why Configuration Testing?

The solution should operate properly with different software and hardware configurations to meet users’ needs and expectations - to either solve their business purposes or entertain them without any troubles.

To verify the correct operation of software system, QATestLab provides the services of configuration testing by designing test cases and implementing them for various system configurations.

Without performing configuration testing, it is difficult to define and analyze the optimal system performance, and the software can encounter compatibility issues with the systems it is designed to run on.

Configuration testing is aimed to:

  • check whether the product satisfies configurability requirements
  • determine optimal configuration settings
  • detect bugs by changing some optional settings, e.g., Time Zone, Language, etc.
  • check whether detected bugs are reproducible on other configuration environments
  • verify system performance by changing hardware configuration, e.g., memory size

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How we test

QATestLab performs configuration testing at two levels:

  • server - evaluation of the interaction between the product and environment by performing software and hardware configuration testing,
  • client - testing from the end client’s perspective.

In order to provide the evaluation of the system capacity to operate properly with different configurations, we conduct software as well as hardware configuration testing. By conducting software configuration testing, we evaluate the system functionality on various OS versions, browsers, etc. Verification of hardware configuration requires physical machines with attached hardware. We save time and reduce our customer’s expenses by having the majority of machines, OS versions, and browsers already installed.

In order to conduct configuration testing effectively and omit no severe issue, before proceeding to the testing activity, we follow some pre-requisites:

Configuration testing

Cost-efficient Configuration Testing

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Configuration testing is time- and resources-consuming. And in some cases, it is not so efficient as customers may think. Requiring many different virtual machines, OS, platforms, browsers, and physical devices, testing the system performance on various configurations can detect only several not so serious bugs. Not to mention, that it’s expensive to build such an infrastructure in-house.

QATestLab already has the vast majority of means required for configuration testing, so our customers do not overpay for extra tools. Besides, we always base our services of configuration testing on the analysis of the market and target audience to exclude the OS versions that are not used by end-users.