Definition and Meaning of Configuration Management. Part II

Configuration Management has such opportunities as:

  • Enhances the integrity of the bid and implementation of the project
  • Maintains total quality control
  • Risk and price reduction and of the project


The goal of the Project management is to create a Configuration Management Plan, which keeps track of all the methods and tools used for definition the project objectives, monitoring and making changes, accounting and making documentation about the status of the project changes.

This plan is directed to:

  • Individual liability for Configuration Management
  • Tools to manage changes to the configuration and conduct audits and reviews
  • Minimum standards to determine the configuration items
  • Control of third party configuration items
  • Particular methods, tools and goals, which are required to execute Configuration Management
  • The management organization to be executed to check the configuration

Configuration Management Activities

Configuration Management in the industry is divided into such categories of activities. Each activity is declared accurately in this discipline. Nevertheless, these activities are performed jointly with other activities and procedures.

You can review these activities and the processes of their performance below:

  • Planning - Project Planning
  • Identification -  Requirements Management
  • Requirements – Management
  • Control – Change Control
  • Status Accounting - Requirements Management
  • Audits/Reviews - Verification and validation
  • Interface Management - Requirements Management
  • Deliverables Management - Requirements Management

Configuration Items

Configuration Management depends on the finding and status reporting of configuration items. A configuration item is a set of hardware or software partswhich is regarded as anassembly for the aims of configuration management.

Configuration items can vary greatly in size, complexity and type ofa software application, an entir ecomputer program or subprogram and document. During engineering and primary production, configuration items are only those specs that are precisely defined in the official agreement.

During maintenance and direct use, any reparable element of individual procurement is a configuration item.