Necessity of Using Performance Testing

Performance is not the first thing user thinks of when starts to use software. But it becomes the first one when software response time is too long and the further proper work with application is simply impossible.

It is just one of the reasons why software developers turn to software testing company to perform this kind of software testing.

How often do you have performance problems? What do you do in such cases? Performance testing should be executed even at the first phase of its development because if it is left for later, some problems will not be solved then.

Web application can have perfect performance when it is used only by several users. But what if there will be hundreds or even thousands of users? What will happen then? Such number of users would make load and network traffic on the system.

It just proves one more time not only on performance testing, but on its combination with load testing.

The reason to execute performance and load testing:

  • Performance testing gives an opportunity to check the configuration of interfaces. Moreover with the help of performance testing bottlenecks can be found.
  • Execution of performance testing makes it possible to find a lot of faults which could not be found manually. Moreover in combination with load testing it is possible to check weather all functions and methods work when many users are using the product. 

High-quality performance testing is considering:

  • Response time;
  • Number of users;
  • Consumption of resources.