Which Problems Can You Face When Conducting Mobile Testing?

Mobile testing is something good software testers are used to. This type of software testing is one of the most popular ones.

During the process of testing software testing company employees can face various problems. For example, if you try to use all the possible devices during your mobile testing, you will win nothing and besides you will multiply the problems you already have. The testing process should be carefully calculated.

What Are the Typical Problems You Can Face During Mobile Testing?

  • The software installed on a mobile device depends greatly on its creators and the decisions they take during the process of software development. Sometimes they create such type of software that may influence the overall behavior of your phone.
  • The specific feature of mobile testing is that accurate test results may be really hard to obtain. The obtained data is usually quite conflicting. A software tester should have enough practical experience to be able to single out key challenges and the most important issues.
  • Sometimes you may face the problem caused by a certain network operator. Sometimes they customize the software’s interface and functionality for their specific needs and it may cause its overall performance.
  • Some models of mobile phones can also be very problematic in handling. Sometimes they may limit or even disable certain parts of tested software.
  • Some application’s content may prove to be unsuitable for certain mobile devices. For example, it may contain unsuitable format.
  • The preinstalled web browser is also something you should consider when planning your software testing.
  • Consider the used language (maybe you will need to implement the elements of localization testing).
  • Check the software installation process (installation testing).
  • Consider automating some parts of your testing (automated testing).

If you consider all these issues when planning your mobile testing, you are sure to succeed.