3 Most Popular Specializations in Testing

There is an opinion that people, who know much, don’t specialize in anything. They are like know-all, but are good in nothing in particular.  

It is believed that it’s better to be an expert in one area than have knowledge in different areas, but specialize in none.  Nowadays every  software testing company is guided by this approach hiring testers.

There are 3 the Most Popular Specializations for Testers:

  • Performance testing. It is usually executed to determine how the system performs under particular workloads, whether it is stable and responsive.
  • Manual testing. In course of it the tester acts like a user, calling all the functions of the program, and searches for defects.   Testers don’t utilize any tool during such work. Usually they have an already made plan according to which testing is performed.
  • Automated testing. This kind of activity assumes writing scripts. Automation significantly diminishes the amount of manual work and allows to save much time. 

Software testing offers a great variety of specializations and being professional in one of them will help to become a really valuable worker. But one should remember that trying automated testing and performance testing without knowing manual testing is not acceptable.