What Is Specificity Of Writing Test Cases?

As a rule, website testing, desktop testing, or mobile application testing is performed with the help of test-cases. Any tester should be able to create test cases allowing them to find serious defects if there are any in the application. But writing good test-cases is not an easy task.

A Tester Can Elaborate Efficient Test-Cases if He or She:

  • has some experience in software testing;
  • has deeply learned the software product under test.

A test-case is one of the basic conceptions in software testing. It includes input data, certain actions, and expected results. If the function or feature is correct, the actual result upon executing the test-case should be the same as the expected result of the test-case. If the actual and expected results are different, it means that a defect is found.

Any software testing company can confirm that few if novice testers can write good test-cases in the beginning.

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One Can Divide Testers According To Skills In Writing Test-Cases Into Those Who Can:

  • write test-cases utilizing user manuals and the program documents;
  • write test-cases basing on the program functioning;
  • not only create-test cases but also group them in test suites and test procedures;
  • not only to elaborate test-cases, test suits, and test procedures but also to automate them; automated testing allows to increase the efficiency of the efforts, it is often applied to regression tests.