Test Plan Documents Used in a Project

There are at least 4 types of test plan documentation, which are needed for any software testing project. Depending on the project, cooperation and consistency in the work of team members, some test plans can be removed. 

Main/Project test plan

The main test plan primarily consolidates and makes it possible to communicate for all participants of the project. It is the most important part of the software test plan. This document may include such parcels as test strategies, risks, priorities, assessments, resource applications, and others.

Acceptance test plan

It is based on customer needs and is used to check whether a performed work meets the requirements of the clients. Acceptance test cases are an aid to the application; they are designed to assist in determining whether the application should go into production.

System test plan

The software test plan of the system is the place where all major testing of projects run. This type of testing supplemented by functional testing also include reliability, load, performance testing.

Integration testing

Integration testing ensures that different parts of the system cooperate properly with each other and exchange data between themselves in a right way.

Unit testing

It is basically a part of the developers testing. In unit testing we check each part of the project separately. For example, the developer can test the function of sorting separately rather than to perform comprehensive check.