How Do Novice Testers Usually Master Writing Test Cases?

Test cases are important elements of almost any testing process. As a rule, functional testing, usability testing, security testing and other types of testing are carried out based on test cases.

That is why skills in writing efficient test cases, providing sufficient coverage, is essential for every test engineer.

A test case is a set of conditions that allow the test engineer to determine whether the feature or function of the tested system operates according to the requirements. A test case consists of the steps and expected results.

Few if any beginners in software testing can write good test cases for a project of any complexity at once.

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One Often Learns to Write Test Cases in the Next Progression:

  1. Creation of elementary test cases relying on the specification requirements of the software product.
  2. Writing test cases based on exploring the software functionality.
  3. Ability to write test cases utilizing either the system documents or its functioning and unite the test cases into test suites and test procedures.

Having mastered the creation of test cases, a novice tester may study how to automate test cases, what test cases should be automated. He or she may also enquire how to execute mobile application testing, desktop testing, or website testing using check-lists.