Independent Quality Audit. Part III

Let us say a few words about the third version of the audit. An independent audit of the quality, as noted, may be useful for companies - system integrators.

Often the goal of this company is to develop specialized software and hardware solutions "turnkey". For this purpose, in the arsenal of system integrators they have a set of software, hardware systems, with the help of which, like of brick, built custom solution. But you must be assured in the quality of starting material, and make sure that the created structure will be secure.

It is well known from the systems analysis that complex solutions acquire such new properties that do not have any of the components of the system components. It is quite possible the emergence of new errors in the interaction of system components, as well as change the quality requirements to the original components. For example, components used in the network cannot provide security, reliability and performance during the work of Internet.

For this reason, system integrators are turning to test agencies. Most appropriate for complete solutions is seen conducting of load testing, to check the reliability, safety and quality of integration components. Final Report, prepared by the test agency may contain load characteristics of the tested system, revealed the maximum number of system users, system operating time between failures.

In the part of safety are usually specified discovered potentially dangerous places in the application, which in a certain configuration changes (or environment) the system may cause a security violation.

The work of this kind can be very long and voluminous, so you need to make an estimate in advance the time to run tests and discuss the limitations of existing systems in operation.

Moreover, in the process of testing the reliability it can be found a large number of functional errors. Then, if the system is fixed, it will require repeated tests to obtain representative results.

Thus, carrying out of certain categories of tests is necessary in all areas of software way from producer to consumer. (Lets note that one of the main reasons that determine this need is the lack of formalization of the requirements of the customer). Developer checks the functionality of the software, but he cannot imagine until the end how software will be used. Systems integrator selects a unique solution and check its viability, but does not delve in detail into the client's needs. The end user also determines whether proposed solution meets his requirements.