Models of Organization of Independent Testing

Independent testing service can be arranged using one of the three business models.

Resource Model

Professionally trained specialists are put in customer’s disposal for strengthening and / or additions to its IT team. Typical reporting documents are reports of found defects, the specification of tests, and the matrix of covering by tests.

Turnkey Testing

This model realizes the full cycle of software quality control; starting with the testing of requirements and ending by acceptance testing of the product. In the process of implementing of this approach all necessary procedures are carried out and all necessary accounting documents in control points are drawn up.

Development Center

Development Center created on the basis of the company «QATestLab». To ensure high quality of software development, and also to perform all kinds of testing, including acceptance, within the Centre it is created a separate unit that implements the functions of control of quality of programs. Typically, this model is applied in work with clients, producing software on a regular basis.

Why Do Customers Choose Us?

  • We have extensive personal experience working in quality assurance and software testing. At the same time, we constantly monitor and, if necessary, apply a best practices of leading Western companies in the industry;
  • We have correctly and efficiently built software testing processes, suitable for implementing both small software products and large projects;
  • We provide clarity of the entire life cycle of software, allowing customers to monitor the progress of development and testing, make necessary changes in time and be aware of any internal modifications, as a system and process as a whole;
  • We constantly monitor and maintain the necessary balance "functionality-cost-schedule”, leading to the implementation of the project in time, within budget, and cover all the business objectives of the customer;
  • Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are constantly aim at new professional success. We know how to set worthy goals and successfully implement them.