Why Should One Consider Information About Users in Course of Mobile Testing?

It is known that modern mobile devices and mobile software products are very sensitive to various influences. One can interact with them in different ways.

This makes mobile programs convenient, user friendly and amusing, but complicates development process and mobile application testing.

There are no doubts that successful web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing require careful study of the end-users. Such study is especially important for mobile software products, as there are plenty of possible user scenarios and paths due to numerous combinations of ways of interaction, environment and networking conditions.


All this makes gathering information about the end-users of outmost importance for a mobile project. Ordinary people and, unfortunately, sometimes even testers do not realize how differently interact with mobile application different people.

It is Wise to Write Down the Next Information About the Users:

  • general information (sex, age, profession and so on);
  • skills and experience of work with modern technologies;
  • the users’ peculiarities of work with software products.

A software testing company claims that such presentation helps to understand the end-users and to plan properly the testing process. Gathering and writing down the mentioned information is also helpful in course of preparation for web site testing and desktop testing.

Unfortunately, sometimes testers and software engineers underestimate value of information about the customers. Such negligence leads to failure of a software product in production.