Why are Test-cases not Always Suitable for Mobile Testing?

Most of software testing experts agree that test-cases are compulsory part of any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

They set in order a testing process and enable testers to determine the progress of testing efforts through percentage and quantity of executed, passed and failed test-cases. Besides test-cases are very useful when automated testing is needed, as they can easily be automated.


But it turns that some testers find test-cases inconvenient for mobile application testing. The thing is that mobile systems are multifunctional. They receive and process data through various sources, adjust to different conditions of the surrounding. This makes them complex and sophisticated.

Testers May Think That Test-Cases are not Good for Testing of Mobile Software Because:

  • it is uncomfortable to work with test-cases on the move;
  • much time allocated on testing process is spent on test-cases elaboration; the time could be used directly on testing;
  • it takes a lot of time and efforts to maintain test-cases for a mobile application, as mobile technology advances rapidly;
  • test-cases impose restrictions on testers and do not let them shift focus of testing works fast.

So, sometimes a software testing company utilizes alternative instruments and methods for ordering and streamlining testing efforts.