What Should Testers Know About the Tested Software Usage?

It is very important to consider users of the application under test in course of mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing. One of the significant questions about software product users is finding out how they will utilize the tested system.

It turns out that clarifying of this aspect can give unexpected results. The thing is that nowadays software products are complex and multifunctional. They may receive and process various data.  Sometimes software engineers and testers may not know peculiarities of work, conditions of surrounding in which the users interact with software products.

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Lack of this information may result in focusing of the development and mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing on the wrong functions and features of the program and ignoring the important ones.

To Receive Sufficient Information About Program Usage One Should Find Out:

  • for what tasks the users will utilize the software product;
  • what works will be done by means of the program;
  • what goals will the users achieve with the help of the system under test.

A software testing company knows that an application may be utilized in different ways, for different purposes. It is important to know how, for what and under what conditions the users are going to interact with the software under test.