What Should a Testing Model Be Like?

It has been known that any mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing can be successful only if testers study the software product, its customers, and specificity of the project first.

There are many methods and approaches to examining software product under test and to elaborating testing plan and testing strategy basing on the researches.

Some testers believe that creating models of a testing process is convenient, simple and practical way of software testing planning. It is very useful for projects with tight time limitations, what is common for mobile testing.

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In order to develop a testing model one should not imagine or invent anything, it is necessary to study the project and write down your observations and impressions. There are no specified requirements to testing models. They may be represented in a way that is clear and convenient for the tester.

Testing Model Can Be in a Form Of:

  • list of the application characteristics or necessary activities, if the software is not very sophisticated;
  • complex diagrams, schemes and supplementary documents, if the project is large and complex.

A software testing company can confirm that using of the models is helpful and allows to focus testing efforts and to allocate given time appropriately. That is why they should be widely used in course of web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing.