What Information Should Bug Reports for Mobile Applications Contain?

Those, who professionally execute web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing, know that bug reports for mobile software distinguish from those for desktop applications.

The difference is cause by features and functions of mobile devices and software products for them. A software testing company claims that an error report for a mobile application should contain more information and details of the reported defect than an error report for a desktop program.

The reason is that it is more difficult to describe and to reproduce defects of mobile programs than defects of applications for personal computers.


Bug Report for Mobile Software Should Include Besides Regular Points Detailed Description Of:

  • state of the smartphone or the tablet;
  • conditions of the surrounding, such as temperature, lighting and so on;
  • wireless connection characteristics;
  • peculiarities of interaction with the application under test.

Adding this information to error reports for mobile software products facilitates determining and fixing of the reported errors and increases efficiency of mobile application testing.

Of course, one should capture software bugs performing mobile testing, as well as desktop testing or web site testing, and add photos and videos of the errors to bug reports. Today almost each mobile device is equipped with camera allowing to capture what is needed.