What Conditions of Use of Desktop Web Software are Often Transferred to Mobile Web Programs?

Web applications gained widespread usage. They do not require much space on a computer and always provide their users with the latest data.

Most of modern mobile software products are based on web technology. But web software products for personal computers and mobile devices have significant distinctions.

Web programs were originally created for personal computers. So, they are oriented on peculiarities of work and usage of computers.

The Peculiarities Are:

  • wired or wireless fast and reliable network connection;
  • working in an office or an apartment with comfortable lighting and temperature;
  • full attention of the user to the application.


Web software developers often transfer these conditions to mobile web applications. Web site testing on mobile devices and mobile application testing show that this is the root of many defects in mobile software.

One of peculiarities of mobile experience that must be considered while designing mobile web software and in course of mobile testing is interaction with mobile applications on the move, while traveling.

Another significant distinction is the ways of interaction with mobile devices.

That is why a software testing company advises its testers to perform manual testing of mobile web software products in real world conditions and in manners its end users will do it.