What Checklist for Mobile Testing Should be Like?

Software testing is a creative process. There are no unified standards for elaboration of a testing strategy, creation of a plan, and guidance.

Proper test guidance plays significant role in productivity of a mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing, as testers rely on it during work.

Many quality assurance experts think that a checklist may serve as a good guidance for web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.


This kind of guidance is convenient for testers with a humanitarian mindset and is very suitable for mobile testing. Modern mobile software products are complex multifunctional systems. They support many ways of inputting information, receive data from various sensors and react on changes in the surrounding.

All this creates endless number of aspects and features to check. A detailed guidance may be too large and limit testers much, what makes testing process inefficient.

Checklists for a Mobile Application Testing Should:

  • contain a list of aspects, software qualities that are to be checked;
  • be simple to print and take where is necessary;
  • focus testing work on the most important areas and aspects of the application;
  • give testers some freedom to choose and to decide how to perform testing works.

A software testing company emphasizes that such kind of guidance only directs testing efforts but isn’t a set of distinct compulsory actions.