One of Popular Web Application Programming Styles

Information technology is developing fast. At present it has become complex and involves lots of various factors. This makes modern software products user friendly, multifunctional and helpful.

Nowadays almost every company and organization has a web site. Web applications became widespread. Each  software testing company usually has many orders to perform manual and automated testing of different web sites.

It is known that a software tester doesn’t have to be an expert in programming or application construction, though such knowledge could be very helpful. But at least basic understanding of software products back end and how the things work allow a tester to increase efficiency and quality of mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing.


One of significant features of web applications is that they store their content on a server. The users access it usually via World Wide Web. Modern web sites can customize content for their users.

Developers often utilize programming style called MVC (Model View Controller) constructing web software.

Such Programming Assumes Dividing the Software Code into 3 Areas:

  • Model. This part of code manages the software in generally.
  • View. This section of code is responsible for the objects and other things that appear on the screen for each user.
  • Controller. This part of code handles interaction with users.

Each area may comprise special programs. All this turns a web application into complex and large system. It is wise to clarify peculiarities of the web site structure in order to execute web site testing properly.